Our multi-faceted services Shall take you to the top.

Jump aboard with the experts! Empowered by the combined solid professional expertise of our incorporators, ICS International Ltd. is your one-stop solution for:

  • Overseas and Local Manpower Placement
  • Immigration Assistance
  • Instant Cash Loans and Savings

Through the strength and proven track records of our offshore alliances, top notch solutions to the increasing demands of the marketplace is 100% guaranteed!

We take pride in our ability to transcend the strength of our PASSION into ACTION
in infinite level of integrity and commitment to service.

Our Core

Our core lies on uniquely distinct workers who are acknowledged worldwide as a huge part of the building blocks that enable the host countries develop their industries and shape the future of their economy.

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Our Power

Our power is our offshore alliances, making it possible to provide solutions in the areas of manpower, immigration, financial assistance and hospitalization programs.

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Our Crusade

"Make things happen!" - Make decent jobs available to dedicated workers and make pay-day loans available to Filipino workers in Canada.

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What makes us UNIQUE?

Our expertise in successful integration of multiple routines into our service offerings guarantee our customers to stand the benefits by reaping the rewards of CONVENIENCE and LOWER FEES!

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