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The birth of ICS International Ltd. paved the way for successful integration of multiple routines into a single point-of-contact enabling our clients, partners and other stakeholders to reap the rewards of convenience and lower fees.

Established and federally registered in October 2008, the company since then, offered proven service approach that delivers successful results.

Who are benefiting from our services?

The Employers, Manpower Recruiters and Foreign Principals

Outsourcing the recruitment process could help you maximize your productivity! With us as partner, you can focus on the strategic goals of growing your business and increasing revenues. Our company shall do the nitty-gritty details of manpower sourcing, screening, hiring and recruitment.

Why deal with us?

We are not rookies! Architected to handle pressures, we can run to any problems and stay beyond our commitment. Together with our offshore affiliates, we always consider ourselves as extension of our client’s office. It is on this premise that we take pride in meeting the demands of our clients, enabling us to delivery successful results. Yes, fast and easy!

The Overseas and Local Job-Seekers

Most job-seekers face more competition than ever before. Our company is your inside connection to get the job you want. With our keen eye on the challenging opportunities and progressive work place, there are far more rooms created for motivated, credible and enduring job-seekers.

How do we help?

We work to identify your needs, search for the opportunities and match your qualification and work-style to appropriate vacancies.

Families, Workers, Caregivers and Students Wishing to Live in Canada on Temporary or Permanent Basis.

It is our priority to ensure that we deliver customized service tailored to meet your immigration needs. We offer client-centric solution as we attend to the each case on proactive approach without undermining the guidelines and standards which are approved by the Canadian Immigration Council.

Filipinos in Ontario, Canada who need financial assistance (pay-day loans) in times of need are also benefiting from our services.